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Unformatted text preview: . The decline in political participation, neighborhood churches, public schools, and civic organizations is part of the same picture. Interests narrow and concern for others declines because these are the basis for who we are as individuals. SLHS Value File PEOPLE ARE BY NATURE SOCIAL CREATURES AND SO COMMOM ACTION IS FOR THE COMMOM GOOD William A. Frank, chairman of the Philosophy Department at the University of Dallas, July 23, 2003, Simon takes it for granted that human beings are by nature social creatures. The variety of associations in which human life transpires is grounded in an essential teleological dynamism of each human soul. This is to say, one's involvement in society has a fulfillment or satisfaction in its own right, apart from whatever good is brought about through or as a consequent result of this social involvement. Furthermore, these associations, fulfillments of natural human impulses, be it family, tribe, guild, church or state, are works of art and reason. Incorporation in the community is part of man's nobility. His excellence, his happiness, the very nature of his innate capacity to be a complete thriving person requires a share in good which is proper to the community. As a constituted entity the community enjoys a life of common action. Indeed, common action is the life, the work, the living substance of the community. The common action itself is for the sake of the common good. SLHS Value File Community Bad Oppression is historically linked with appeals to the common good Linda C. Raeder, doctoral candidate political theory at Catholic University of America, THE INDEPENDENT REVIEW, Spring 1998, p. 519-35 The new communitarians are united by their common apprehension that our sense of community--the recognition that we are a people bound by shared values, meanings, traditions, purposes, and obligations--is being destroyed by an "atomistic" liberalism (Taylor 1985, 187210) that trumpets the "rights" of the indi...
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