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Bishop 1 - CJ Osburn 2221940 Elizabeth Bishop: Life and the...

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CJ Osburn 2221940 Elizabeth Bishop: Life and the Memory of It by Brett C. Millier Brett Millier examines an alcoholic, lonely, depressed, asthmatic confessional writer. With these characteristics, Bishop puts on quite a front to become the amazing articulate writer we know her as. Even before Bishop died in 1979 she was considered one of the top poets in the game. Even though some things like her abysmal childhood are well known in the writing community, Millier is able to expose her pain and sorrow that are necessary to understand her writing style. Bishop spent a good portion of her life traveling the country trying to find the right place for her soul. Troubled lesbian relationships routinely forced her to pick up and leave for a new town. She traveled all over from San Francisco to Brazil to Key West and anywhere in between. All the while alcohol was her one true companion. Not only did she drink through her loneliness but also to cope with her present relationship difficulties. “Millier insists that we confront Bishop's anxiety and loneliness, her alcoholism and difficult love affairs, and use these experiences as the filter through which to read her poetry.” Not unlike Hemingway, Bishop used her pen and paper to vent and release the pain trapped inside her. To truly understand what it is you are reading, you must know where this author is coming from and why she is trying to tell us what is on paper. Millier takes a different approach at his Bishop analysis. She looks at the poems and tries to use
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Bishop 1 - CJ Osburn 2221940 Elizabeth Bishop: Life and the...

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