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Unformatted text preview: Ch. 34: I = -p (plane mirror) Spherical mirror: f=r and 1/p+1/i=1/f also thin lens (thin lens in air) 1/f= (n-1)*(1/r1-1/r2) (lateral magnification) |m|=h'/h and m= -i/p n1/p+n2/i= (n2-n1)/r m25cm/f (simple magnifier) Ch. 35: n=c/v n1*sin1= n2*sin2 Law of refrac. L=d*sin (path length difference) d*sin=m, for m=0,1,2... (max-bright fringes) d*sin=(m+) for m=0,1,2... (min-dark fringes) Intensity in double slit interference: I=4*Io*cos2( ) =[(2d)/ ]*sin Thin films: 2L=(m+)*(/n2) for m=0,1,2... (max-bright film in air) 2L=m*(/n2) for m=0,1,2... (min-dark film in air) Ch 36: Single slit: a*sin=m for m=1,2,3... (mindark fringes) I=Im*(sin/)2 ==((a)/ )*sin Diffraction by a Circular aperture: Sin=1.22*(/d) (first min) R=1.22*(/d) (Rayleigh's criterion) Diffraction by a double slit: I=Im*(cos2)*(sin/)2 Diffraction gratings: d*sin=m for m = 0,1,2.. (max--lines) hw= /(Ndcos) (-width of line @ ) D=m/(d*cos) (dispersion of grating) R=Nm 2d*sin = m for m=1,2,3... (Bragg's law) ...
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