Power - them Power can also be a source that runs something like electricity or man made power like to push something using force Power by force is

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Justin Flynn Power The word power can be defined in many ways. Briefly, power is a force on something else, which has the ability to control it. Power can be used in many different ways, like electricity, status, or force. A person with power, usually can tell other people what to do, or make them do work for them. A person in power, has authority over people with less power, and can get them in trouble, punish them, or in a work environment, fire
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Unformatted text preview: them. Power can also be a source that runs something, like electricity, or man made power, like to push something using force. Power by force is when, a person or machine, is stronger than an object and can make it move however they want. Electricity is a form of power, because it is high amounts of energy going into something to make it do what it is supposed to do, like light up, or start moving, etc....
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