Draws a one pixel wide border around contained widget

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Unformatted text preview: dget to repaint itself. •  You can ask a simple widget to tell you its size. •  Both operaZons are relaZve to a graphics context CIS120/ Spring 2011 Widget Examples simpleWidget.ml (* Display a string on the screen. *)! let label (s:string) : t =! {! repaint = (fun (g:Gctx.t) -> Gctx.draw_string g s);! size = (fun (g:Gctx.t) -> Gctx.text_size g s) ! }! simpleWidget.ml (* A region of empty space. let space ((w,h):int*int) : {! repaint = (fun (_:Gctx.t) size = (fun (_:Gctx.t) }! CIS120 / Spring 2011 *)! t =! ->...
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