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Unformatted text preview: GUI ApplicaZons CIS120/ Spring 2012 Step #1: Understand the Problem •  What are the concepts involved in GUI libraries and how do they relate to each other? CIS120/ Spring 2011 Designing a GUI •  OCaml’s Graphics library* provides very simple primiZves for: –  CreaZng a window –  Drawing various shapes: points, lines, text, rectangles, circles, etc. –  GeXng the mouse posiZon, whether the mouse bu[on is pressed, what key is pressed, etc. •  See •  How do we go from that to a funcZoning GUI? *PragmaZc note: when compiling a program that uses the Graphics module, add graphics.cmxa (for naZve compilaZon) or graphics.cma (for bytecode compilaZo...
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