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Unformatted text preview: –  e.g. Math.sqrt returns NaN ("not a number") if given input < 0 e.g. Many Java libraries return null e.g. file reading method returns - 1 if no more input available Caller must check return value Use with cau5on – easy to introduce hard to find bugs •  Use an informaAve result –  e.g. in OCaml we used opAons to signal potenAal failure –  e.g. in Java, create a special class like opAon –  Passes responsibility to caller, but caller must do the proper check •  Use excepAons –  Available both in OCaml and Java –  Any caller can handle the situaAon –  If excepAons are uncaught, the program terminates CIS120 / Spring 2012 ExcepAons Dealing with the unexpected. ExcepAons •  An excepAon is an object represenAng abnormal condiAons. –  Its internal state describes what went wrong –  e.g. NullPointerExcepAon, IllegalArgumentExcepAon, IOExcepAon –  Can define your own excepAon classes •  Throwing an excepAon is an emergency exit from the current method. –  The excepAon propagates up the invocaAon stack unAl it either reaches the top and the stack, in which case the program aborts with the error, or the excepAon is caught •  Catching an excepAon lets callers take appropriate acAons to handle the abnormal circumstances CIS120 / Spring 2012 RealisAc Example void loadImage (String fileName) { try { Picture p = new Picture(fileName); // could fail // ... code to display the new picture in the window // executes only if the picture is successfully created. } catch (IOException ex) { }! // Use the GUI to send an error message to the user // using a dialog window JOptionPane.showMessageDialog( frame, // parent of dialog window // error message to display "Cannot load file\n" + ex.getMessage(), "Alert", // title of dialog JOptionPane.ERROR_MESSAGE // type of dialog ); CIS120 / Spring 2012 Simplfied Example class C {! !public void foo() {! ! !;! ! !System.out.println(“here in foo”);! !}! !public void bar() {! ! !this.baz();! ! !System.out.println(“here in bar”);! !}! !public void baz() {! ! !throw n...
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