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Unformatted text preview: methods may only directly call other staAc methods. Similarly, staAc methods can only directly read/write staAc fields. Of course a staAc method can create instance of objects (via new) and then invoke methods on those objects. •  Gotcha: It is possible (but confusing) to invoke a staAc method as though it belongs to an object instance. –  e.g. o.someMethod(17) where someMethod is staAc –  Eclipse will issue a warning if you try to do this. Overriding & ASM A Subclass can Override its Parent public class C {! public void printName() { System.out.println(“I’m a C”); }! }! public class D extends C {! public void printName() { System.out.prinln(“I’m a D”); }! }! C c = new D();! c.printName(); // what gets printed?! •  Our model for dynamic dispatch already explains what will happen when we run this code. •  Useful for changing the default behavior of classes. •  But… can be confusing and difficult to reason about if not used carefully. Dangers of Overriding public class C {! Exam exam2 = …! public void printTest() {! if (onDate(”December 17")) {! System.out.println(“as scheduled”); ! } else { System.out.prinln(“postponed”); }! }! public boolean onDate(String s) { ! !return exam2.date().equals(s); ! }! }! public class D extends C {! Exam final = …! public boolean onDate(String s) { ! return final.date().equals(s); ! }! }! C c = new D();! c.printTest(); // what gets printed?! The C class might be in another package, or a library... Whoever wrote D might not be aware of the implicaAons of changing onDate. Overriding the method can cause the behavior of printTest to change! –  Overriding can break invariants/abstracAons relied upon by the superclass. When To Override? •  Only override methods when the parent class is designed specifically to support such modificaAons: –  If you’re wriAng the code for both the parent and child class (and will maintain control of both parts as the sojware evolves) it might be OK to overrride. –  If the library designer specifically describes the b...
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