none len some n loop nnext 1len end stack

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Unformatted text preview: t rec loop (no:…) (len:int)=! …! in! loop q.head 0! q head! tail! v! Note: (1)  No workspace is saved – there is no need do to that for tail calls (2)  We pop all the locals (up to the last saved workspace). In this case, there are none. CIS120 / Spring 2012 1! next! v! 2! next! 46 Tail Calls and [email protected] length Workspace (loop q.head 0)! Stack length q Heap fun (q:'a queue) ->! let rec loop (no:…) (len:int)=! …! in! loop q.head 0! q loop A detail we’ve been sweeping under the rug [email protected] now: The closure of the local recursive [email protected] loop includes a binding for the loop [email protected] itself! Why? The loop body [email protected] the loop [email protected]fier. CIS120 / Spring 2012 head! tail! v! 1! next! v! 2! next! loop fun (no:'a qnode option) (len:int) -> begin match no with! | None -> len! | Some n...
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