Cis120 spring 2012 7 enq add an element to the tail

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Unformatted text preview: (i.e. the queue is empty) or (2) head is Some n1, tail is Some n2 and - n2 is reachable from n1 by following ‘next’ pointers - is None! •  We can check that these proper@es rule out “bogus” examples. •  A queue opera@on may assume that these queue invariants hold of its inputs, so long as it ensures that the invariants hold when it’s done. CIS120 / Spring 2012 7 enq! (* add an element to the tail of a queue *)! let enq (x: 'a) (q: 'a queue) : unit =! let newnode = {v=x; next=None} in! begin match q.tail with! | None ->! (* Note that the invariant tells us ! that q.head is also None *)! q.head <- Some newnode;! q.tail <- Some newnode! | Some n ->! <- Some newnode;! q.tail <- Some newnode! end! •  The code for enq is informed by the queue invariant: –  either the...
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