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Unformatted text preview: empty workspace—the results of the call to loop never need to be used to compute another expression. In contrast, we had (1 + (loop …)) in the recursive version. CIS120 / Spring 2012 42 Tail Call Op@miza@on •  Why does it maoer that ‘loop’ is only called in an empty workspace? •  We can op.mize the abstract stack machine: –  The workspace pushed onto the stack tells us “what to do” when the func@on call returns. –  If the pushed workspace is empty, we will always ‘pop’ immediately aier the func@on call returns. –  Therefore, we do not need to save the ‘empty’ workspace on the stack. –  Moreover, any local variables that were pushed so that the current workspace could evaluate will no longer be needed, so we can eagerly pop them too. •...
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