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Stack length q heap fun qa queue let rec loop

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Unformatted text preview: the interface with a length [email protected]: module type QUEUE = ! sig! (* type of the data structure *)! type 'a queue! …! (* Get the length of the queue *)! val length : 'a queue -> int! end! •  How can we implement it? CIS120 / Spring 2012 10 length (recursively) (* Calculate the length of the list using recursion *)! let length (q:'a queue) : int =! let rec loop (no: 'a qnode option) : int =! begin match no with! | None -> 0! | Some n -> 1 + (loop n.next)! end! in! loop q.head! •  This code for length uses a helper [email protected], loop: –  the correctness depends crucially on the queue invariant –  what happens if we pass in a bogus q that is cyclic? •  The height of the ASM stack is [email protected] to the length of the queue –  That seems inefficient… why should it take so much space? CIS120 / Spring 2012 11 [email protected]
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