The end result is that we have turned recursion into

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Unformatted text preview: begin match no with! | None -> 0! | Some n -> 1 + (loop! end! 39 Evalua@ng length Workspace Stack length 2! q Heap fun (q:'a queue) ->! let rec loop (no:…) : int =! …! in! loop q.head ! head! tail! v! DONE! 1! next! v! next! 2! None! fun (no: …) ->! begin match no with! | None -> 0! | Some n -> 1 + (loop! end! CIS120 / Spring 2012 40 Itera@on loops length (using itera@on) (* Calculate the length of the list using iteration *)! let length (q:'a queue) : int =! let rec loop (no:'a qnode option) (len:int) : int =! begin match no with! | None -> len! | Some n -> loop (1+len)! end! in! loop q.head 0! •  This code for length also uses a helper func@on, loop: –  This loop takes an extra argument, len, called the accumulator –  Unlike the previous solu@on, the computa@on happens “on the way down” as opposed to “on the way back up” –  Note that loop will always be called in an...
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