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Unformatted text preview: if any) *)! val deq : 'a queue -> 'a! end! CIS120 / Spring 2012 4 Datatypes for Mutable Queues type 'a qnode = { ! v: 'a;! mutable next : 'a qnode option! }! type 'a queue = { mutable head : 'a qnode option;! mutable tail : 'a qnode option }! There are two parts to a mutable queue: - the “internal nodes” of the queue with links from one to the next - the head and tail references themselves CIS120 / Spring 2012 5 Example Queues in the Heap Val! head! means Some! Val! tail! An empty queue means head! v! tail! None! next! 1! A queue with one element head! v! tail! next! 1! v! 2! next! A queue with two elements CIS120 / Spring 2012 6 Queue Invariants •  Just as we imposed some [email protected] on which trees are [email protected] Binary Search Trees, Queues must also [email protected] some invariants: Either: (1) head and tail are both None...
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