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recyclecity - house the Savemor family tries to reduce...

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Justin Jake Add drop off recycling center, $83,000, reduces amount of paper and cardboard by 3.12 tons, glass by .56 tons, and steel by .52 tons and plastic by .8 and aluminum by .12 tons. Pay as you throw. $1.50 for large bag. Improves other programs by 15%. Reduced 3.12 tons of paper and cardboard. Business recycling. $1,000. Recovered 30 tons of waste. Reduce 15.6 tons from paper and cardboard, glass 2.8 tons, steel 2.6 tons, plastic 4 tons, aluminum .6 tons. Home compositing. $12,00+. Reduces 1.96 tons of food waste. 3.96 tons for yard trimming. Home yard trimmings pick up. Reduces yard trimmings 4.95 tons. Reuse center. $73,000 dollars. Reduces steel 1.1 tons, textile 2.03 tons, wood by 2 tons. Grass cycling. $17,000. Reduces yard trimmings by 6.6 tons. Business composting. $1,000. Reduces yard trimmings by 2.64 tons. Home recycling pick up standard. $102,000. Reduces paper and cardboard by 12.48 tons, glass by 2.24 tons, steel by 2.08 tons, aluminum .48 tons. Total cost $251,000 Houses Recycle City residents realize that it's up to them to help protect the environment. In this
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Unformatted text preview: house, the Savemor family tries to reduce, reuse, and recycle as much as possible. Sue and Seymour Savemor and their kids, Sidney and Sheila, buy as few hazardous substances as possible. Businesses Recycle city Before Joe set up shop, many folks just abandoned their old cars in landfills or left them to rust in a field or yard. Joe knew that almost every part of these abandoned wrecks was recyclable, and he knew that making good use of old auto parts was an important part of pollution prevention. Under the watchful eye of its manager, Harlin Hazzard, the Recycle City Hazardous Waste Center handles the treatment and disposal of waste that can harm people or the environment. Café Moonbeam runs the Recycle City cafe and used bookstore. Her business is very environmentally friendly and is a comfortable place for the locals to sit and read used books while sipping something to drink....
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recyclecity - house the Savemor family tries to reduce...

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