It may be that some centres do not cover the entire

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Unformatted text preview: m different Centres were quite substantial – especially with Question 3 on network analysis. It may be that some Centres do not cover the entire syllabus or they may assume that some topics are unlikely to come up on this paper and focus their teaching on other areas of the syllabus. Both of these are rather unwise strategies. The key importance of using the case study evidence to apply answers to the particular business being focused on is becoming more widely appreciated and there is increasing evidence that candidates from many Centres are using past examination papers to help prepare for the case study examination. Application to the case is a very important Assessment Objective and when candidates demonstrate this skill effectively then it can lead to a significant uplift in marks. Comments on specific questions Section A Question 1 This was generally well done. Many answers gave appropriate reasons for cash flow forecasting and most were able to apply to Tanroh’s business. This application was either in the form of referring to Options A and B and the cash flow forecasts needed for these or in terms of the seasonal nature of his business and the need to make cash flow forecasts in this situation. The weakest answers focused on profit and loss and not cash. Time was wasted by some candidates trying to evaluate the usefulness of these forecasts yet this was not asked for by the command word in the question. Question 2 (a) When candidates understood the true nature of HR and workforce planning there often followed a well explained answer about the benefits of predicting and recruiting an appropriate number of staff with the relevant skills for this option. Some answers failed to apply at all which is a little surprising given the detail in the case study about the qualities and skills expected of employees for this option. There was often scope for further analysis. This could have been in the form of the crucial importance of not employing too many staff – and the serious cost implications of this – or of the strict requirements of the supermarket buyer which could lead to the contract being cancelled with long term repercussions for Tanroh’s business if staff did not perform to the necessary standards. 7 © UCLES 2008 9707 Business Studies November 2008 (b) Delegation was well understood by a huge majority of candidates. The potential benefits of this were also well understood but these could have been applied more effectively. For example, Tanroh’s lack of experience in this new business area could have made delegation particularly important to him. Many candidates also looked at potential drawbacks to delegation but these were often more simplistically explained and, again, not well applied to Tanroh’s business or family. Some candidates failed to give a final recommendation or judgement and this limited the number of marks they could gain for evaluation. Question 3 (a) This question led to a great variety of responses and the answers...
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