Others saw it as a delegation question and simply

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Unformatted text preview: ight motivate their workforce. Others saw it as a delegation question and simply wrote about the advantages and disadvantages of delegation. Such responses indicated only a partial understanding of this question. However, many candidates did recognise that the question focused on ‘the importance of management’ and outlined the various functions of management and made effective references to management theorists such as Fayol. Good answers discussed the importance of the management function in the context of a large business and referred to the need to communicate and co-ordinate activities possibly across many departments in order for the business as a whole to work towards a common objective. Many candidates wrote impressively about the need for a clear sense of direction and a strategic perspective in a large business. Some candidates adopted an alternative interpretation of the question and focused on some of the functional management activities such as HR, Marketing, Production and Finance. Such legitimate approaches were accepted and rewarded. (b) The majority of candidates were able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the two leadership styles and were also able to offer some analysis of how this might impact on their potential effectiveness. Good candidates went on to make judgements about the various situations when either democratic or autocratic leadership styles might be most effective and made reference to theorists such as Mayo or Hertzberg. 2 © UCLES 2008 9707 Business Studies November 2008 Weaker answers asserted that one or the other would be most effective without offering sound analysis of why that might be so. Such text book answers were simply presented as descriptive information on autocratic and democratic leadership styles. Candidates need to understand and analyse how concepts and theories relate to different real life business and management situations. There may well be times and situations where a democratic approach is not appropriate and where a more autocratic approach is more suitable. Indeed it could be argued that an effective leader needs to mix and match the two styles. Question 6 Many of the candidates who attempted this question were able to demonstrate sound knowledge of breakeven analysis but fewer were able to link their knowledge to the decision-making aspect of the question or to respond to the “what extent” element of the question. As a result many candidates were awarded marks for good understanding of the concept but failed to gain marks for analysis or evaluative comment. Weaker candidates wrote about being able to tell if the business would make a profit or not; this is not solely the realm of break-even analysis. Weaker candidate could often explain what a break-even diagram contained but could not discuss any implications of using this to make any specific decisions. Good answers showed an accurate knowledge of the concept of break-even analysis and were able to give sound analysis of the potentia...
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