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These pumps can help cells excrete toxins drugs and

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Unformatted text preview: e transport into and out of cells. • These pumps can help cells excrete toxins, drugs and other harmful molecules. can serve the blood brain barrier • During chemotherapy, many cancer patients develop tumor cells that stop responding to the chemotherapy drugs – these cells have increased expression of their ABC transporters, so they get rid of the chemotherapy drugs before the tumor cells are affected. • Drug resistant bacteria and malaria parasites also show increased expression of these super-pumps, becoming multi-drug resistant (MDR phenotype). 9 9/14/2013 Organizing the fluid mosaic membrane: The endomembrane system helps localize proteins and lipids to the correct organelles. • Site of protein synthesis for those proteins entering the secretory pathway (rough ER): – Integral membrane proteins embedded in membrane – Secreted proteins – Proteins destined for other organelles (lysosomes) • Site of protein processing and glycosylation (Golgi (adding sugars to that apparatus) protein) • Site of phospholipid synthesis for plasma membrane (smooth ER) where the phospholipids are made- biogenesis of plasma membrane 10 9/14/2013 channels that run through cytoplasmendomembrane system 11 9/14/2013 The RER is a system of flattened vesicles or channels bounded on each side by a lipid bilayer channel that separate from the rest of the cytosol by a bilayer Lumen of RER ribosomes- site of protein synthesis Membrane of RER width of average membrane- 8-10 nm ribosomes...
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