Gigaelectronvolt giga109 chargeqatx0 x q 1q v x 4

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Unformatted text preview: ergy at R : PotenEal at R: 1 Qq 4!" 0 r 1Q V (r ) = 4!" 0 r q AddiEon of potenEal Doc Cam AcceleraEon of Charged ParEcles 1 mile Stanford Linear Accelerator Center: electrons and positrons up to 50 GeV What is GeV? : giga electron volt Giga = 109 Charge Q at x=0 ˆ x Q 1Q V (x) = 4!" 0 x ! E= 1Q dV ˆ ˆ x=# x 4!" 0 x 2 dx X axis Gradient Discussion: Board Problem 2: The electric field in a region of space is given by Ex = (3.0x) N/C, Ey = Ez = 0, where x is in m. Points A and B are on the x axis at xA = 3.0 m and xB = 5.0 m. D...
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