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Lastly by filling out red bull will essentially be

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Unformatted text preview: ocused on their current campaigns and provide the firm with specificity. By implementing this strategy, Red Bull would be able to fully take advantage of the existing opportunities and hence meet the demand without increasing the supply. This could prove crucial, as the firm has already encountered demand issues. Personally, I feel that the firm’s current product portfolio offers enough diversity (900 domains, 36 languages and various media channels) and focusing resources on the existing projects would not hinder its competitive advantage. However, as both options could influence the entire firm’s strategy, it should be assumed that they are being considered long- term implementation plans. The primary issue with this time frame is that social trends could easily change and by focusing the firm’s resources on the existing projects, Red Bull would be unable to adapt to the new trends. Furthermore, Red Bull spent years establishing themselves as the firm that...
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