The strong marketing mix together a stable financial

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Unformatted text preview: ity to set the market price, which competitors later followed. Red Bull now sells its products worldwide and hence the place cannot be defined. Finally the brands most emphasized element of the marketing mix, promotion, is what enables product differentiation. Through the implementation of highly innovative advertising campaigns, Red Bull is able to appeal to its target market (“18- 34 year old males”) more effectively than its competitors. The strong marketing mix together, a stable financial history and a dominant portion of the market share allow the company to experiment with advertising and eventually led to the establishment of the media houses. One could assume that the media houses were initially developed, because the operations of the firm and the rapidly growing and complex marketing approach could no longer be managed efficiently together. As a result, the media houses began existing as a separate entity and connected the product and the brand more effectively. A SWOT analysis (appendix 1) helps to further evaluate the company’s current strategic position. The strengths emphasize high market share, innovative marketing approach and a variety of communication mediums utilized. The weakness...
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