This could prove crucial as the firm has already

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Unformatted text preview: a highly costly light. The marketing expenditure will increase significantly as the organization of larger and new events will pose a new variety of costs. Furthermore, bigger events will require better organization and hence the human resources costs will increase too. With large- scale events, it is also likely that the firm will experience a dilution of control, as the organization of such events will require more employees and hence sub- divisions will be created. As a result, this could not only create a lack of focus (as by then the firm would not only be organizing a variety of events, but a variety of large- scale events) but also potentially hinder communication within the firm. Finally, as previously mentioned, the media houses are already producing a surplus of content and are unable to find interested customers. Therefore by producing even more content it seems that the firm will increase its marketing expenditure, however the demand might not necessarily change leaving the firm with high expenses and unaffected sales. The second alternative revolves around the concept of filling out the existing events by focusing resources on maximizing revenues from the current content of the product mix. This approach will consequently allow the media houses to become more f...
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