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bicd 140 mt 2 - Name _ Student ID # _ BICD 140 Spring 2007...

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Name __________________ Page 1 of 9 Student ID # ___________ BICD 140 Spring 2007 Midterm Exam #2 Please write your name on each page and look through your exam. It should have 9 pages. Do not use pencil or white out on your exam. Be certain that all of the work that you want graded is written in permanent ink. Your score Multiple choice, 10 points possible ________ Fill in the blank, 10 points possible ________ True/False, 20 points possible ________ Short answer A & B, 14 points possible ________ Short answer C, 20 points possible ________ Short answer D, 8 points possible ________ Short answer E, 18 points possible ________ Total possible 100 points. ________ Graded exams will be distributed after class as soon as they are graded. If you will not pick up your exam then, you may sign below to signify that you have given your permission for your exam to be distributed in a way that may subject it to public scrutiny. If you sign below your grade will be posted by student ID on the website so that you may check your recorded grade. Signature_____________________ I pledge not to cheat, plagiarize, steal, or lie in matters related to academic work. Signature_____________________
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Name __________________ Page 2 of 9 Multiple choice, choose the best answer for each question. 1 pt each. 1. Which is not a component of the pre-T cell receptor? a. TCRbeta b. TCRalpha c. preTalpha d. CD3 e. b and d 2. Which of the following is a possible explanation for recognition by alloreactive T cells? a) Cross reactivity b) Peptide dominant binding c) MHC dominant binding d) All of the above e) None of the above 3. All of the following are involved in MHC class I presentation, except: a) B2m b) Proteosome c) TAP d) CLIP e) All of the above 4. Which of the following is false regarding the interaction between TCR and the antigen? a) ! - and " -chains that are equivalent to light and heavy chains of BCR b) The CD3 complex that is analogous to Ig ! / " c) TCR has one binding sites for Ag and one for MHC d) TCR has binding site for Ag-MHC complex e) CD4 and CD8 co-receptors bind to the MHC and stabilize the TCR/MHC/peptide binding 5. Which of the following terms and definitions not match each other? a) Genetic polymorphism – multiple alleles of a given gene b) Syngeneic – genetically identical except at one locus produced by inbreeding for 20 generations c) Allogeneic – genetically different d) Congenic – genetically identical except at a single locus e) Two of the above 6. Which one of the following is NOT true about regulatory T cells? a) They express FOXP3. b) In their absence, mice and humans have severe autoimmunity. c) They suppress the immune response by T cells that recognize self. d) They are positively selected by AIRE expressing cells in the thymus when
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bicd 140 mt 2 - Name _ Student ID # _ BICD 140 Spring 2007...

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