The Groundhog's New Clothes

They also estimate an additional cost of 120 for each

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Unformatted text preview: eeks’ pay. They also estimate an additional cost of $120 for each fired worker, accounting for the paperwork and the anticipated decline in worker morale associated with reducing the size of the workforce. If demand eventually picks up and new (or old) workers must be hired, the Franklins estimate that the cost of training a new worker will be $1,200, the cost of advertising the position will be $50, and the paperwork and other additional hiring costs will be $50. Drake et al. 2004 Georgia Institute of Technology The Groundhog’s New Clothes 5 5 Questions 1. Produce a six-month aggregate production plan for Beauti-Phil Apparel. Summarize the recommended decisions for each month in a table. Explicitly define any parameters and variables used and describe the procedure applied to produce the aggregate production plan. 2. Prepare a two- to three-page memorandum addressed to the Franklins that provides the following: a. Identify the stakeholders in these ethical dilemmas. b. Propose several possible conclusions that could be reached in response to the ethical dilemmas. c. Determine how each stakeholder will likely be affected by each potential decision. d. In light of the effects of the potential decisions on the stakeholders, identify the most important factors that the decision maker should consider when solving this ethical dilemma. e. Provide your recommendations about the actions the Franklins should take regarding their personnel and the raw material proposal. f. Explain why you reject the other viable alternatives that you identified earlier. Drake et al. 2004 Georgia Institute of Technology...
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