In planar fuel cell this is bipolar plate but for

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Unformatted text preview: ed, but it must endure the high temperature. Ceramic can be an option. Thermal expansion mismatch becomes an issue, again. 7 Tuesday, November 5, 13 c07 JWPR067-Mench December 19, 2007 17:46 Char Count= Design and Stack Configuration 386 Other Fuel Cells 1. Planar Design Similar to planar PEFC Most use anode-supported design No additional interconnects necessary Sealing is a key issue in planar SOFC design Very high power density Figure 7.4 Performance of anode-supported planar SOFC at 800 C. (Adapted from Ref. [16 anode-supported planar SOFC at 800C Tuesday, November 5, 13 seals needed for the planar SOFC design are eliminated. Tubular designs have been teste 100-kWe atmospheric pressure and 250-kWe pressurized demonstration systems with l performance degradation (less than 0.1% per 1000 h) and conversion efficiencies of 46 57% (LHV), respectively [19]. A polarization curve at various temperatures from a tub SOFC is shown in Figure 7.6. A 24-stack bundle and integrated SOFC system layout s...
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