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Unformatted text preview: called the high-power-density (HPD) design by Siemens [12 performance degradation (less than 0.1% per 1000 h) and evolution of the tubular cell design and performance at Siemens is shown in Figur conversion efficiencies of 46 and 57% (LHV),Sealless Tubularpolarization curve at various temperatures from a tubular 2. respectively [19]. A Design 7.9, respectively. The triangular Delta9 design has 300% higher power density SOFC is shown in Figure 7.6. A 24-stack bundle and integrated SOFC system layout are higher the are cell Air is injected axially In this bundle, rows of tubesfuelconnected in shown in Figures 7.7 and 7.3, respectively.down the center ofgravimetric power density than the pure tubular design [20]. This desig parallel, andcolumns in series. In contrast to not necessary stacksignificant losses due to limited oxygen transport through the poro experience commonly used High-temperature seals a completely series in PEFCs, this seriesparallel arrangement is highly useful for system service durability. porosity) structural support tube used to provide rigidity to the assembly. Th Stack bundle -- both parallel and series In this configuration...
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