Porosity structural support tube used to provide

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Unformatted text preview: , individual cells can suffer catastrophic damage, and the stack does tube can also parallel along not have to go offline, since the current is redistributed through other cells inbe used as the anode, reducing these losses through the higher dif individual cell can be replaceable without interrupt of operation hydrogen. Purely tubular the bundle. This allows simplified maintenance and individual tube replacement without cells have a power density at 1000 C of about 0.250.3 Design and Stack Arrangement suffering sudden catastrophic failure of the stack power, which is a major advantage. raws = parallel Figure 7.5 ation.) Schematic of sealless tubular SOFC design. (ImageSOFC of Siemens Power Generschematic of sealless tubular courtesy columns = series Figure 7.7 SOFC tubular tubular stack bundle stack bundle. (Image courtesy of Siemens Power Gener 9 Tuesday, November 5, 13...
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