POLI 10 Notes - 5/7/08 POLI 10 Voting as a Rational Act...

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5/7/08 POLI 10 Voting as a Rational Act (continued) - You have to think in terms of opportunity cost Costs vs. Benefits - An Economic Model of Democracy (Downs) Discount Function - Importance of vote - A) Function of size/competitiveness - Function of whether one believes vote will translate into policy – and how immediately (environment)? Benefits – 2 - general: sense of obligation or commitment to democratic system; coefficient of obligation - induced by sense of patriotism - no sense of discount is needed; why? - Democracy is a collective good, but feeling satisfaction/guilt aversion is a selective benefit/harm Summary of voting model (in section notes – crazy-long equation) Modern Voting Paradoxes 1) The more educated you are, the most likely you are to vote: a. Paradox is that the turnout was low in levels of normal education 2) The older you are, the more likely you are to vote. a. Paradox: older citizens have less formal educations Turnout tends to be lower in midterm elections. Education + sense of importance => obligation/uncertainty Age Life-cycle Generation
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5/12/08 POLI 10 Partisanship & Party - What is a partisan? - How do we select nominees? Partisanship - Someone pursuing their own interests (old definition) - Someone who identifies with views, policies, idealogies of a particular political organization (you are
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POLI 10 Notes - 5/7/08 POLI 10 Voting as a Rational Act...

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