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Take Home Essay Prompt

Take Home Essay Prompt - POLI 10 Spring 2008 TAKE-HOME...

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POLI 10 Spring 2008 TAKE-HOME ASSIGNMENT DUE, IN CLASS, Monday, May 19 (no exceptions without penalty) How does Robert Putnam’s explanation for the decline of social capital help to explain the decline of political participation, particularly voting, in the U.S? In particular, how does it help to explain why younger citizens are less likely to vote than older citizens even though younger citizens are more likely to be highly educated? Make sure you use both life cycle and generational theories in discussing your explanation. You may (and should) use other class readings and material to help answer the question. You may place your answer within the context of my cost-benefit analysis of voting, but do not spend most of your time discussing that context. Answers must incorporate material from both lectures and readings (Patterson, Putnam and the text). All answers must be typed, double-spaced, and should not exceed 1000 words (about 4 pages). Whenever
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