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Transcription is pretty much the process where sections of DNA get transcribed into the messenger RNA (mRNA). This mRNA travels away from the nucleus and then goes to a ribosome to start being processed. There is also a template strand, which the mRNA sequence is complementary to, and a coding strand that is identical to the mRNA sequence. There is something called a promoter on the template strand, and it tells the RNA polymerase to start the whole transcription process for DNA.
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Unformatted text preview: Translation is different because it instead exits the nuclear envelope and finds a ribosome in order to start translation. The mRNA ends up becoming a polypeptide sequence. The original ribosome basically scans the mRNA for a start codon, which enables it to start the whole process of translation. The start codons are unique to translation, and are not involved in the transcription process. However, both processes are involved in the transition from DNA to proteins....
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