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** First Amendment** (most important factor in journalism) -Freedom of press, speech, Bill of Rights Revolutionary period --> led to revolutionary document: elevation of individual rights, less interference from government 1450s - Gutenberg - invention of reusable type -Printed only ONE issue, by Benjamin Harris (Post Master) -Suppressed by Royal Governor for 1) printing scandalous article about King of France, 2) possible inflammatory story about Indians massacring locals 1690 - Publick Occurrences - first American newspaper -3,000 subscribers; published religious sermons, etc -Last page was usually left bank for people to write in additional information/local news -Only running paper for about 15 yrs 1704 Boston &ewsletter - John Campbell; first continuously running American paper -General Magazine -American Magazine -Didn't last long 1741 - B. Franklin & Bradford; first magazine 1821 - first successful American magazine: Saturday Evening Post - Benjamin Day (23 yrs old)( ) - idea came from fellow compositor of 6 pennypapers --> experimentation
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