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-surveillance: keeping an eye on things --> leads to investigative reporting -"Watchdog" - alerts on breaking news / monitor government activities -Interpretation: opinion / commentary / advertisements -Entertainment = fun! -events like 9/11 -linkage: uniting people --> internalizing values via repetition -socialization: world behavior / ethics / understanding how people relate to one another --> use of email, communication tools, etc
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Unformatted text preview: --> more personal use of the media-social utility: used to make life easier-media can be 'mass' & 'individual' Disfunctions of the media. ..-inaccurate information-exploitation: purposeful manipulation-sensationalism-stereotyping-trivialization--> do they appeal to our lower instincts rather than higher instincts?-lowest common denominator Functions of News Media Tuesday, September 02, 2008 JOUR200 Page 1...
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