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Spring, 2008 Prof. Kalman Final Study Questions History 17c The final is a three-hour essay exam. On the day of the final, June 9 (8 AM), one question will be chosen at random from each part in the study question below. You will be required to write on that question. We want to hear your interpretations, and we want you to support your essays with specific and relevant examples from the text, relevant reading, required films, lectures and section discussions. The trick is to make an argument that includes a thesis and to use your evidence wisely and well. Be creative and bold. Please address every issue raised by each question! Part I (40%) 1. As Charles Payne observes in Debating the Civil Rights Movement , the “master narrative” of the history of the civil rights movement follows these lines: “Traditionally, relationships between the races in the South were oppressive. In the 1954 [decision of Brown v. Board of Education ], the Supreme Court decided this was wrong. Inspired by the Court, courageous Americans,
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