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Syllabus Spring 2008

Syllabus Spring 2008 - Spring 2008 THE UNIVERSITY OF...

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Spring 2008 THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT CHICAGO ECONOMICS 120. PRINCIPLES OF MICROECONOMICS Instructor: Luis Guillermo Serpa Lecture: 305 2BH, Monday 6 – 8:30 p.m. Office: University Hall 2133 Office Hours: Monday 4:45 – 5:45 pm, Office Phone: 312 996 4884 or by appointment E-Mail: [email protected] When sending an email, please type “Econ 120” in the subject, otherwise the email will not be read. Class Website: http://blackboard.uic.edu This course will provide an introduction to microeconomics. Credit for this class is not given if the student already has credit for Econ 130 (Principles of Economics for Business). Topics include scarcity and choice, price system, decision-making by consumers, individual and market demand, optimal input decisions by firms, perfect and imperfect competition, and international trade. TEXTBOOK The textbook required for the course is Microeconomics, by Paul Krugman and Robin Wells. The text is available at the UIC Bookstore at a reduced price. Primary reading comes from the textbook. Handouts given in class or material on blackboard are supplementary, not a replacement of the textbook.
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