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FIELD WORK NO.3 LAYING OF A SIMPLE CURVE BY USING THE TAPE ALONE (INCREMENTAL CHORD AND TANGENT OFFSET METHOD) OBJECTIVES: 1. To be able to lay a simple curve by using the tape alone. INSTRUMENTS: 1. 2 range poles 2. Chalk (for pavements) 3. 2 marking pins (for soft ground) 4. 50 meter tape FINAL DATA SHEET FIELD WORK 3 LAYING OF A SIMPLE CURVE BY USING THE TAPE ALONE (THE INCREMENTAL CHORD AND TANGENT OFFSET METHOD) DATE:  08/15/13 GROUP NO.:  3 TIME:  8:00 - 12:00 LOCATION:  Intramuros Walls WEATHER:  Very Sunny PROFESSOR:  Engr. Bienvenido A. Cervantes DATA SUPPLIED: I =  R =  286.5m D = 4 Station of the PC:  13+791.02  (Preferably not on a full station mark) Adopt Full chord length of  365m  (Preferably in between 2m – 5m)
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STATION CHORD CENTRAL  ANGLE OFFSET DISTANCES OCCUPIED OBSERVED X Y PC A 15.02 3 15.015 0.393 A B 20 4 19.963 1.221 B C 20 4 19.951 1.395 C D 20 4 19.951 1.395 D E 20 4 19.951 1.395 E F 20 4 19.951
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