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Internet Piracy[1] - James Edward Turk Jr English 1101 Prof...

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James Edward Turk, Jr. English 1101 Prof. Natasha Walker 6-27-05 Internet Piracy In this modern day of technological leaps, communication between individuals grows immensely. Due in large part to the internet, the medium for communication between the masses, information becomes increasingly accessible. The information available to the masses contains a vast array of categories. U By u sing the internet, one can seek medical advice, entertainment, news, and even directions to the nearest Wal- Mart. With this new selection of available information, some find illicit uses for such information. One such use is the piracy of copyright protected materials. Internet Piracy is the illegal trade of copyrighted materials without permission from the copyright holder. This illicit practice carries on with little government intervention. The most common means for internet piracy is peer-to-peer networks. These networks allow users to upload and download anything that can be converted into a digital file. These files include songs, video clips, software, pictures, and documents. Those who hold the copyrights loose lose money daily while the product of their labor continues to be illegally downloaded. Because of this injustice, we must discontinue all usage of peer-to-peer networks designed to bolster illegal trade of copyrighted materials. In order to fully understand the meaning of internet piracy, one must know all that it includes. The Business Software Associates describes internet piracy as “using the internet to allow products to move from computer to computer, with no hard media
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transaction and little risk of detection. Some piracy schemes may even involve computers without the owner's knowledge.” According to the Business Software Associates, internet piracy is so severe that one may be participating without even knowing it! Also, t T heir description of internet piracy also highlights several key aspects of the practice. Pirates have the ability to collect and distribute copyrighted materials without the use of “hard media”(primarily through the use of peer-to-peer networks) and with “little risk of detection.” The ease and safety that the internet offers to pirates makes the internet an ideal forum for the illegal piracy industry. With this knowledge of the internet piracy industry, one can easily understand the alluring nature of free or cheap products attained illegally. Because of its cost effectiveness, secure forum, and lack of need for hard media, the internet is an ideal forum for internet pirates to engage in the illegal trade of copyrighted materials.
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