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Lecture 7 - -“Magnificence and of Rome” A new sense...

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Lecture 7: February 14 th , 2007 Sublime – Everything you can imagine is laid out in front of you…”You are just a small Cosmo in a gigantic universe. Picturesque – Constant change of movement relies on the memory of humans to piece together a bunch of snapshots. **Buildings today are mostly un-built or failed engineering wise. Time Period: The enlightenment The New Parliament Building 1776 William Chambers London - Building as a complete image, not so much individual aspects - Long an elevated façade. - Projects that the building is more than any one man, view from the river gives the appearance of super-natural. - Influenced by Piranesi, light and dark sketching, give the appearance of depth to the building. Study of Ancient Greek and Rome started popping up again, with Greek emerging as more noble. Piranesi: - Large sketches, contrast of light and dark…rooms appear to sink into the ground.
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Unformatted text preview: -“Magnificence and ---- of Rome” A new sense that Architecture speaks:-Not related to its classical ornament-It is a bank b/c it looks like a bank.-Precise way of building, clarified spaces. Boulle-Influence by Piranesi’s work, had many un-built work.-Vastness, repetitiveness Centerteck for Issac Newton 1758 Boulle Pari-Inspired by Newton’s scientific accomplishment. ..design a 500 foot in diameter sphere that looks like a globe.-Dark hallways that emerges as a planetarium / tomb. -Beyond comprehension 1778 ____ Paris -House for a wealthy women, must pass under a monumental arch in order to get to it. City of Chaux 1771 ____ -Ideal city, factory town-Newgate prison George Dance 1770-Ide of a prison was under going a public change 1791- bank of London – Sone-first bank as we know it...
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Lecture 7 - -“Magnificence and of Rome” A new sense...

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