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AUGUSTINE’S CONFESSIONS Book 3 -nature of love: love of worldly things is the love of self, opposite of love of self is love of God -friendship, companionship, and love of another person can be selfish because it is not love of a higher power -it is not love of other ppl that makes you unselfish -humanist/love of humanity is meaningless w/o love of God -“love thy neighbor as thyself” (love of humanity) comes from God -sin of pride: thinking you can overcome your sinful nature by yourself (greatest of all sins) -philosophy of Cicero makes Augustine question his beliefs false beliefs -teacher of rhetoric and logic dialectics -Manichaeism: believes in two spiritual forces an evil god who creates the world and a good god who saves mankind; believes god has a physical body (huge infinite body that covers universe); very strange beliefs that don’t seem to make much sense to Augustine -St. Paul says Jesus is the only bodily reality that is identified w/ God; be aware that philosophy can lead one astray
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