conjoint analysis canonical correlation analysis the

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Unformatted text preview: ession ... Conjoint analysis Canonical correlation analysis The table is based on characterization of variables as described by Hair et al. (7). Italicized tools are briefly described in the text. Details on these tools and others are provided by Hair et al. (7). TABLE 3. A general guide to choosing multivariate statistical tools based on nature of interdependent variablesa Nature of variables Assess group differences and variable contribution Describe/predict the relationship between two sets of variables Tools briefly described in the text are italicized. Tools Principal component analysis Principal coordinate analysis Correspondence analysis Nonmetric multidimensional scaling Factor analysis Cluster analysis a Metric only Nonmetric only Metric or nonmetric + + ... ... + ... ... ... + + ... ... ... ... ... ... ... + + Signifies usage of the tool. Further details on each listed procedure are provided by Hair et al. (7) and James and McCulloch (9). Vol. 94, No. 9, 2004 1005 al. (16) used correspondence analysis to characterize the relationship of 38 plant injury levels and five yield loss levels in rice crop production in tropical Asia, and identified four broad groups of injury corresponding to four major yield loss categories. Simila...
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