An alternative to canonical correlation analysis is

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Unformatted text preview: ernative to canonical correlation analysis is redundancy analysis, which aims at measuring the percentage of variation in a set of variables (considered singly) that is accounted for by the other set of variables (considered collectively). This determination is achieved by regressing each variable from one set on all variables in the other set. Folman et al. (4) used redundancy analysis to describe the relationship of carbon source utilization profiles of 20 clusters of rhizobacteria to nine root tissue types consisting of three root regions (tip, intermediate, and base of root) sampled at three developmental stages (seedling, vegetative, and generative). The type of root samples was shown to account for 47% of the variance in the abundance of bacteria from different clusters. In summary, multivariate statistical tools are useful in unraveling patterns in multidimensional data from phytopathological studies especially in epidemiology, ecology, pathogen population biology, and disease management. As sho...
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