Canonical correlation the goal of canonical

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Unformatted text preview: cal correlation. The goal of canonical correlation is to describe the association between two sets of variables. For example, it may be desired to relate differences in pathogenic microflora at a given geographical location to differences in botanical composition or environmental/edaphic conditions at the same location. Schlosser et al. (17), working on rice blast (caused by Pyricularia grisea) in six upland rice cultivars, used canonical correlation to characterize the relationship between plant morphological variables (plant height, leaf length, leaf area, and plant growth rate) and disease variables (lesion densities and lesion types). In a comparative study of the effects of organic and synthetic soil amendments on soil microbial communities and soil physical and chemical properties, Bulluck et al. (1) applied canonical correlation analysis and found significant correlation between the set of variables describing biological communities and the set of variables describing soil physical and chemical properties. An alt...
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