In lieu of discriminant analysis logistic regression

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Unformatted text preview: u of discriminant analysis, logistic regression may be used in modeling the relationship of a binary dependent variable (yes or no, presence or absence) to metric or nonmetric independent variables. As such, logistic regression may be viewed as a discriminant analysis with two levels of the dependent variable and with independent variables that are either metric or nonmetric. Press and Wilson (15) studied the performance of discriminant analysis and logistic regression, and concluded that if the assumption of multivariate normality of independent variables is violated, logistic regression is preferable to discriminant analysis. MANOVA. MANOVA is a procedure for assessing differences among several nonmetric independent variables based on the linear combination of several metric dependent variables. This procedure enables the simultaneous examination of several dependent variables. Golinski et al. (6) used MANOVA to assess the effect of two pathogens (Fusarium avenaceum and F. culmorum) on three yield components (1,000-kernel weight and weight and number of kernels per winter wheat head) of 14 winter wheat cultivars in a 2-year study. The de...
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