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Variate analysis first is the nature of variables

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Unformatted text preview: ate analysis. First, is the nature of variables, which may be either metric (quantitative or numerical) or nonmetric (qualitative or categorical). Second, is the notion of dependency or interdependency. In the dependency context, one or several variables designated as dependent variables are influenced in magnitude by another set of variables designated as independent variables. In the interdependency context, variables are not designated as either dependent or independent. On the basis of these features and notions, several multivariate statistical tools have been developed (Tables 2 and 3), and further details are provided by Hair et al. (7) and James and McCulloch (9). Multivariate tools have been employed to varying degrees in the phytopathological literature. A bibliometric search of the Biological Abstract database (Silver Platter Information, Norwood, MA), from 1997 to 2003, indicates that ordination and discrimination tools have, by far, been used frequently compared with canonical analyses. Among...
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