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math 207 syllabus

math 207 syllabus - Math207,Autumn2013...

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Math 207, Autumn 2013 Instructor: Carlos Kenig Office: Eckhart 305A Phone: 702‐7335 E‐mail: [email protected] Office hours: Mon 2:00pm‐3:30pm, Wed 2:30pm‐4:pm and by appointment College Fellow: Ian Frankel Office: Kent Basement 015 Email: [email protected] Office hours and problem session: To be announced Text: W.Rudin, Principles of Mathematical Analysis Additional references: A.Brown and A.Page, Elements of Functional Analysis, A.Kolmogorov and S.Fomin, Introductory Real Analysis General policy: There will be two in‐class hour tests and a final exam. Homework will be assigned in class on Wednesdays and will be due the following Wednesday, in class, at the beginning of the class period. Students can work on the homework together, but you should write up your solutions independently. No late homework will be accepted. No make‐up exams will be given. Here is how these items will be weighed: Hour tests: 100 points each
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