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Name:Date: Diane Sawyer Interviews Malala Yousafzai Diane Sawyer DIRECTIONS: Respond to these questions. 1. CompareIn what ways does Diane Sawyer say Malala is like Anne Frank?
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2. Analyze(a) What events caused Malala to become a target of violence for the Taliban? (b) How do the Taliban demonstrate their attitude toward women and girls receiving an education?
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Unformatted text preview:arget of violence. The Taliban banned girl's schools, bombed them, threw acid at the students. 3.(a) What did Malala notice about the road she was on the day the Taliban came to find her? (b) Summarize Explain what happened on that day in October 2012. 4.(a) Interpret What is Malala's attitude toward the Taliban preventing her from receiving an education? (b) Analyze Before Malala was attacked by the Taliban, what were her thoughts and feelings as she was in her room at night? © by Savvas Learning Company LLC. All Rights Reserved.