ASOC 2-21 - ASOC 2/21/08 Wilson "Declining...

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ASOC 2/21/08 Wilson “Declining Significance of Race” - In this chapter he outlines how class is more significant to the lives of blacks than race. - Traditional barriers were overt and caused racial oppression. - Civil rights era ended traditional barriers but new barriers still exist o New barriers have racial significance in their consequences, not their origins. o Only impact the black underclass o Lead to class subordination. - Is talking about the importance of class in the economic sphere, not the social or private sphere - Race relations have changed o Pre-industrial: Plantation economy and racial-caste oppression. o Industrial: Industrial expansion, class conflict and racial oppression. o Modern Industrial: Progressive transition from race inequalities to class inequalities Changes have occurred because of the political and economic context. Economic and political changes have created different classes of blacks State intervention brought positive changes to blacks’ life chances
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ASOC 2-21 - ASOC 2/21/08 Wilson "Declining...

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