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ACLC 3-17 - -Hellenistic theater-Khoregos – Producer of...

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ACLC 3/17/08 Greek Theater - Greek Tragedy first performed in last quarter of 6 th century o Festival Dionysus - Athens o True Greek tragedies born from Athenians - Mythological Founder of all dramas o Thespis Separate actors from Dithyramb Dithyramb (Prior to tragedy and comedy) Choral song and dance in honor of Dionysus Dance and sing to God Chorus and Actor separated from Dithyramb With actor, dialogue can be born By 480, there are 2 actors and chorus in tragedy 400s tragedy flourishes Innovations such as THREE actors (OMG) - Theater is built on hillsides o Theater is built based on the orchestra o Skene (tent) o Proskenion – Stage in front of tent/structure o Machina – Machine/Crane used to bring/ hang “Gods” coming down from Skene (Deus ex Machina) o Parados – chorus enters through parados Chorus leader – speaks for chorus
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Unformatted text preview: -Hellenistic theater-Khoregos – Producer of tragedy-Stasimon – Structure of tragedy (Choral interlude)-Khoros – Chorus-Episodios - episodes Oedipus the King -Oedipus is seen as the prime example of man kind-Suppliants (Formalities of help) o Zeus Xenios (Guest friend ship rules)-Solved the riddle of the sphinx making him the prime of men. -Logic and reason are a tool of humans making us above all animals-Oedipus hides nothing from the people who sincerely wants to solve problem of the polis. -Lines 160 speech, “Shall I expel this poison in the blood.”-“Therefore in righting him I serve myself”-Sophocles Irony, based on Human Ignorance, using a specific type of irony where the characters are unaware of their irony.-Tragic Flaw – Humartia, hubris...
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ACLC 3-17 - -Hellenistic theater-Khoregos – Producer of...

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