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APSY 2-4 - of standard deviation a score is above or below...

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APSY 2/4/08 Research Assignment at Darwin Day February 8 th 11am: Dr. Gordon Gallup (Life Sci. D’Ambra Auditorium)******** 1pm: David Strait (Life Sci. D’Ambra Auditorium) 3:30pm: Josh Drew (1143 Life Sci.) 4-6pm: Graduate Students (1143 Life Sci.) 6pm: Mary Gonder (Life Sci. D’Ambra Auditorium)******* 7:30pm: Dr. Pat Barclay (Life Sci. D’Ambra Auditorium)******** Z Scores - Describes where a score fits into the overall group of scores in comparison to the mean and standard deviation - Describes how much the score is above or below average. Specifically the number
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Unformatted text preview: of standard deviation a score is above or below the mean.-Formula to change a raw score to a Z score: o Test – 92 o Mean – 78, SD=10 o Z=(X-M)/SD -Sign of the Z score indicates whether it is above or below the mean. o Positive Z score is above the mean o Negative Z score is below the mean-Numeric value of the Z score indicates how many standard deviation units it is away from the mean-The normal curve table o Gives the precise percentage of scores between the mean and any other Z score o Table lists positive Z scores...
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