1 input indicators inputs reflects the quantity of

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Unformatted text preview: organization productive? The four performance indicators Several different performance indicators are featured in a performance measurement system. The most common are: (1) inputs, (2) outputs, (3) outcomes, and (4) efficiency indicators. 1) Input Indicators •Inputs reflects the quantity of resources appropriated to a government organization, service, or program. Input indicators are typically contained within the budget, representing financial or personnel resources (e.g., the number of labor- hours worked by employees). 2) Output Indicators •Outputs are workload indicators. They reflect the amount of work done or the number of services provided by a government program (e.g., tons of garbage collected). 3) Outcome Indicators •These indicators capture the results (or quality) of the services provided (e.g., percentage of cleaned streets). 4) Efficiency Indicators. •These indicators examine the extent to which a pu...
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