Questions like what percentage of us children are we

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Unformatted text preview: t simple, we will look at the idea of fundraising in regards to performance indicators. Input indicators in performance measurements are quantities or resources given to First Book to accomplish our goals. In the area of fundraising, an input indicator would be the labor- hours put towards organizing a fundraising event. Another indicator would be the amount of money appropriated in the budget as fundraising expenses. Any effort whether it be time or money that First Book puts into a fundraising event would be counted as an input indicator. Output indicators let us know how much work was actually done. In First Book’s case, and output indicator would be how much money we raise in our fundraising event or event how many books we collect from donations. We can also use how many children can get new books from our fundraising effort as an output. Outcome indicators tell us how well we did our job. Questions like “what percentage of US children are we able to reach with the outcome of this fundraiser?” and “How much of our monetary goal did we raise?” are both examples of what First Books asks itself after large fundraising events. Efficiency indicators are things we calculate last. They study how well we perform compared to how much o...
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